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I had a pain in my chest and shortness of breath from not being able to breathe deeply due to the pain.  It felt like a broken rib.  My left arm hurt.  It came on gradually over a few days.  After just one treatment with Keli, my discomfort was relieved almost 100%.  I am sure that in a "conventional setting" I probably would have been referred to a cardiovascular specialist, a respiratory specialist, had expensive testing and prescription for drugs.  I am seeing Keli for a few more sessions not because of discomfort but because with her techniques she is getting deeper and deeper into the muscle and rooting out the cause of the problem. (M.P., Westlake)

I am a client of Keli's and wanted to let you know how please I am with her massage.  I first met Keli through Preventive Medicine Group and have followed her to Westside Massage Clinic.  I have traveled a lot across the country and have taken advantage of the massages available at each hotel.  I can honestly say that none are ever as thorough as Keli's!  She takes the time to work out the kinks and knots found throughout my back and doesn't stop until they are gone.  I always walk out of her facility with an extra bounce in my step and feeling good all over.  Ia m grateful for the flexible hours and Keli's help in accommodation me with appointments.  I am appreciative of her professional and courteous service.  I am grateful to Keli for always making my day a better one! (K.K., Westlake)

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